Self Care with Candles

Our lives are constantly feeling filled with feelings of busyness. With the jam-packed calendars and seemingly endless to-do lists, we often forget the importance to look after ourselves. Self-care is an important quality that should not be overlooked. Your schedule (despite feeling like it doesn’t) has the space and time to give yourself a mental break, so take the time to relax and unwind. There are numerous ways to self-care and tied with the benefits of aromatherapy, it’ll prompt you the self-care time you deserve. 



Meditating is a great form of self-care. Place yourself in an open, quiet space and lay down, and listen to some soothing music or a guided meditation. There are so many resources available on Youtube, for example, we have been loving this guided meditation from Lavendaire to help promote peace, relaxation, and positive energy. Or if you want a confidence boost, we love this guided meditation from Madeline Shaw. To shape the perfect environment of relaxation for meditating, we recommend our Egyptian Linen + Lavender Buds candle which contains notes of lavender, which is an excellent scent to relieve stress.


Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? Bubble baths are a great way to release tension from your body and allow yourself to feel refreshed. For that refreshed feeling, we recommend our Rosewater + Hibiscus candle. It has notes of rosewater and jasmine, creating a comforting scent for your next bubble bath. To top off your candle-scented bubble bath, we recommend adding a relaxing bath bomb or bath salts to bring feelings of comfort. We have been loving the Aphrodite bath bomb from Bathorium, which contains notes of rose, matching the floral notes from the candle. 


It is so important to give some special attention to your skin, especially after a long day at work. After your relaxing bubble bath, finish off with a face mask or a sheet mask. We have been loving the sheet masks from the Korean skincare brand Dr. Jart, with sheet masks that will soothe, hydrate, and replenish your skin. We recommend our Coastal Redwood + Mandarin, which has notes of mandarin, lemon, coconut, and vanilla, all scents guaranteed to boost your mood as well as create a serene environment for all your skincare needs. 


Painting or drawing is a fun and therapeutic way to release stress. We have been loving paint-by-the-numbers sets, for example on Etsy this delicate orange blossom set. For this hands-on activity, we recommend our Lemon Verbena + Thyme. This candle has notes of lemon and lavender, creating a calming, relaxing, and invigorating environment for your next painting session. 


Journaling is a great form of self-care and a great way to release stress. Grab a pen or pencil and empty out all your thoughts and feelings on paper, be freeform with it. We have been loving the bullet journals from Leuchtturn1917. For this thought releasing activity, we recommend our Mandarin + Resins with notes of mandarin and jasmine, for a fresh-smelling environment, guaranteed for the perfect journaling mood. 

Self-care is so overlooked, so take the time to care for yourself and treat yourself! DM us on Instagram @stbrownco if you tried any of these ideas on your next self-care day!