Using Candles for Better Feng Shui

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging objects and space in order to create a more harmonious and balanced environment. From the orientation of your bed to the placement of certain items in the house, feng shui will help your space feel more open and balanced. The fire element of feng shui can be expressed in your home through candles, as they are said to bring an uplifting feeling to a space.

The great thing about candles, as opposed to a fireplace, is that candles provide flexibility to place in any space. Aromas and scents also have a powerful effect on the flow of chi, or energy, in your home. Inspired by the practices of this ancient art, here are some ways to incorporate feng shui within the different spaces in your home with candles. 

Where To Place Candles For Better Feng Shui


For a space that you sleep or like to rest from the day in, it is said that lavender is great for relaxation and sleep. Rose and musk are also great scents to generate feelings of love and admiration which can also be good in a resting space. We recommend the Egyptian Linen + Lavender Buds candle which contains notes of lavender, white musk, and bergamot, which will garner relaxation and comfort in your resting space. 



Citrus scents, such as orange, lemon, or lime are said to be good for cleansing and improving your mood. The kitchen is oftentimes surrounded by different smells, so it’s important to introduce scents that help clean the air. We recommend the Lemon Verbena + Thyme that contains top notes of lemon, for an excellent touch to freshen up the kitchen. We also recommend the Coastal Redwood + Mandarin that contains notes of both mandarin and lemon, bringing a citrusy freshness to your culinary space. 



For your work space or office, it is important to be filled with scents that will garner productivity, calmness, and prosperity. Citrus scents are great scents to help clear the air. Eucalyptus is good to not just calm someone but also help with productivity. Jasmine, a traditional Chinese scent, is a scent that enhances the overall feeling of optimism and confidence. We recommend the Mandarin + Resins, which contains both citrus and jasmine notes to help garner the optimum work environment. 



In the living room, it is a place mainly for lounging or socializing. Vanilla is a great scent for well-being and stimulates feelings of family harmony. Rose is also a key feng shui scent that helps encourage compassion and balances the heart, which would be great for when having friends or family over. We recommend the Rosewater + Hibiscus, which contains notes of rosewater to garner feelings of compassion and welcomeness to your living space. 


The most important quality in feng shui is to offer thanks to your home. Your home is a space that offers you a place to celebrate, relax, and rejuvenate! These are different aromas that will bring balance to the different spaces of your home, filling the environment with feelings of gratitude and harmony.