Gift Guide Pairings: Pumpkin + Persimmon

Is there anything more quintessential than the scent of sweet, warm, pumpkin on a crisp fall day? No, we didn’t think so. That’s why our Pumpkin + Persimmon candle is the perfect gift for all lovers of the season. With notes of pumpkin, allspice, clove, and vanilla, this candle wraps you up in a warm hug fitting for the cool weather, which is why making sure you pick the best gift to accompany it is so important. You need to make sure the gift is cohesive and really helps put your gift recipient in the mood to relax and unwind. We’ve put together a list below of items that, when coupled with our Pumpkin + Persimmon candle, do exactly that.

If you’re local to the Orange County area, then this first gift pairing is a no-brainer: a box of cookies from Sugar & Grain. The bakery identifies itself as a form of self-love, so there’s no reason to not get yourself a box too. They have dozens of cookie options to choose from, but we highly recommend the Harvest Moon Boxes. These cookies are a mix of white chocolate, dark chocolate, and (you guessed it!) pumpkin. It’s everything you love about fall wrapped up into one cookie. We think it’s best to be enjoyed next to our Pumpkin + Persimmon candle.

For the house décor aficionado, these Pumpkin Spice Coasters by Don't Be Basic are just what they need. With colors that pick up on the shades of our candle’s vessel, these coasters not only accent our candle perfectly, but they’re also a work of art in their own right. Made with solid resin and hand-poured, these coasters are heat-resistant (making them functional) and gorgeous, with cream, burnt orange, and champagne glitter mixed into the resin. It’s almost a shame to cover these up with glasses and mugs!

Now, everyone knows you can’t enter a new season with the same old manicure. That’s just plain distasteful. So, we’ve recommended the Olive & June Mani System to fix your nails (yes, you definitely need this too) and your gift recipient’s nails. This manicure system is like bringing the salon home, with a buffer, nail clipper, cuticle serum, and even a patented bottle handle to make painting the nails on your opposite hand easier. The system does come with one polish of your choice, but we suggest you splurge and spoil your gift recipient (or yourself) with the Pumpkin Spice Latte Set. We can’t imagine a more relaxing day than doing your nails with our Pumpkin + Persimmon candle crackling in the background, can you?

What we love most about this candle in particular is the nostalgic, cozy feeling it gives you when you smell the warm pumpkin and allspice and hear the soft crackles. Therefore, we wanted to pair this candle with gifts that invoke that same kind of feeling—the feeling of coming home. Whether you’re gifting these items for a birthday, a house-warming party, or the holidays, we know that your gift recipient will feel the love and care that went into selecting each gift.