Gift Guide Pairings: Coffee Bean + Cacao

Ah, the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Is there anything better? Actually yes, there is: our Coffee Bean + Cacao candle. With top notes of whipped butter, middle notes of creamy caramel, and base notes of coffee and cacao, this candle is a dream for your senses when you wake up. In the spirit of coffee and the productive mornings it brings, we’ve decided to pair this candle with other productivity-inducing items you or your gift recipient can use while the scent of buttery coffee goodness is in the air.

An image of our Coffee Bean and Cacao candle

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of early coffee-filled mornings is a killer workout. With Bala Bangles, you’re pretty much guaranteed just that. These bangles are “light” weight, but provide enough resistance to feel like a hundred pounds while wearing them during training or recreational activities. These would be a perfect addition to a morning Pilates class, an early beach walk, or a poolside yoga session. With multiple different colors to choose from, you can choose a pair that complements your gift recipient’s personality.

An image of a pink to red ombre Bala bangles set

Of course, after such a grueling workout with the Bala Bangles, your gift recipient’s muscles are going to be sore and tense. You might as well preemptively gift them the Therabody Theragun Mini, to make sure they’re prepared, of course. The Theragun Mini is the smallest version of Therabody’s famous percussive massager, but delivers no less of the relief or power. It’s ultra-portable, has 3 different settings, and has multiple head attachment options for extra relief in those hard-to-reach places. It’s the perfect post-workout muscle therapy to pair with our crackling Coffee Bean + Cacao candle.

An image of a black Theragun mini

If working up a sweat isn’t your gift recipient’s cup of coffee, then we highly recommend the Core Meditation Trainer as a way to get their morning going. Our founder has been using this trainer in the mornings and evenings as a way to refocus and she can vouch for its ingenuity. With dynamic vibrations and biofeedback to help you focus, this meditation trainer is well suited for even those whose mind is constantly running. You can purchase the essential package or the premium package, which comes with one year of premium guided meditations, breath training, and soundscapes. To get the full experience out of this trainer, we recommend the premium package, but the essential package will do in a pinch!

An image of the Core Meditation Trainer, which is a sphere-like object you hold

Last but not least, we’re firm believers that you can’t have a coffee candle without actually having coffee too. That’s why if you and your gift recipient are in the So Cal area, you need to give them an e-gift card to Coffee Dose. Not only do they have the best coffee, but their cheeky and unapologetic quips on each cup are sure to plunge anyone into a “carpe diem” kind of mood. Not near any of their locations? Don’t worry, they have an online shop full of sassy products along the same vein.

An image of a Coffee Dose gift card on a pink background

You know what we’re going to say next: for the ultimate gift set, just get them all. There’s absolutely no way you could go wrong with any one of these gifts, especially when you have our Coffee Bean + Cacao candle paired with each one. We know you also secretly want all of these pairings too, so go ahead and make yourself the gift recipient this time. We won’t tell if you won’t (wink wink).