How Candles Affect You

The use of candles extends much farther than just lighting up a dark room. Any die-hard candle lover knows their capabilities are much more nuanced.

There’s a reason why approximately 35% of candle sales occur during the holiday season: when the time comes for everyone to get cozy, they think of candles. It isn’t just all in your head either. Research studies have shown that dim, warm light—like the kind candles emanate—increases the chance that people in the surrounding area will be in a more relaxed, positive mood and more amicable towards others.

Aside from the mere flicker of the candle alone having positive benefits, various candle scents have been shown to have a sort of aromatherapy-type effect among users. Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you and identified which of our candles fit any mood thrown your way. 

For when you’re feeling anxious

 Our Driftwood and Juniper candle is being held by a pair of clasped hands

Our Driftwood + Juniper candle will take things over. One of the essential base notes in this candle is vetiver, a scent derived from a bunchgrass with an earthy, woody scent. This scent is known to help relieve anxiety and is provide a sense of grounding.

 For when you’re feeling tense

 Our Mandarin and Resins candle is lit and sitting atop a couple of books

Our Mandarin + Resins candle will do the trick. With base notes of cypress and middle notes of jasmine, this candle is sure to help put you at ease the second you inhale. Cypress and jasmine have both been known to help relieve tension and the wooden wick in this candle heightens the relaxation by providing a cozy, crackly sound with each burn.

 For when you’re feeling physically tired

Our Lemon Verbena and Thyme 5oz candle in a tin lies on an open book with a lemon cut in half 

Our Lemon Verbena + Thyme candle is here for you. The lemon top note in this candle means this citrus-forward scent will help put a pep in your step. You know how you would get so excited at the thought of ice-cold lemonade on a hot day? This will bring you back there.

 For when you’re feeling stressed

 Our Egyptian Linen and Lavender Buds candle sits on a book on a coffee table. There is a woman bundled up in a blanket and holding a mug in the background, lying on a couch.

Our Egyptian Linen + Lavender candle will calm you down. Middle notes of lavender and petitgrain combine to create a woodsy, yet floral and fresh scent to help you unwind and clear your head of anything causing you stress. This candle is one of our personal favorites to light at the beginning of a workday to start off on the right foot.

 For when you’re feeling sad

 Our Rosewater and Hibiscus 11oz candle is picture with our Rosewater and Hibiscus 5oz candle. Both candles are nestled among roses and flowers.

Our Rosewater + Hibiscus candle will comfort you. Jasmine petals and rosewater are a dynamic duo in the middle notes of this candle, giving it a scent of floral subtlety. This candle won’t dominate a room, but will rather gently float in the space, like an old friend sitting beside you for support.

For when you’re feeling disappointed

Our Coastal Redwood and Mandarin candle is set on a mirrored coffee table. You can see the reflection of the candle on the coffee table surface..  

Our Coastal Redwood + Mandarin candle will lift you up. With top notes of bergamont and mandarin, this candle packs a sweet, yet slightly tangy punch. It’s here to remind you that there is positivity in persistence, and you’ve just got to take a deep breath.

For when you’re emotionally exhausted

 Our Pumpkin and Persimmon candle sits on a wooden board on top of a mirrored coffee table. A hand is hovering above it with a lit match, about to light the candle. A gold bowl full of white pumpkins are in the background behind the candle and a clear glass coffee mug with coffee in it is to the left of the candle.

Our Pumpkin + Persimmon candle will let you rest. This cozy candle contains ginger and clove in its middle notes, both scents known to help relieve mental and emotional fatigue. The additional pumpkin notes instill a sense of warmth, and the crackly wooden wick is here to give your mind a rest.  

For when you need to focus

 A woman sits on a green velvet couch, smiling with her arm outstretched and our Coffee Bean and Cacao candle in her hand. The candle is in clear focus and the woman is out of focus.

Our Coffee Bean + Cacao candle won’t let you procrastinate. With a base note of coffee, this coffee smells exactly how it sounds: like chocolatey, coffee, and buttery goodness. One study found that even just smelling a coffee fragrance was enough to enhance one’s attention span and improve their alertness. So, when that mid-afternoon slump comes along, all you need to do is light this candle.

Whether to serve as a décor accent or to evoke a certain feeling, each of our candles have a place in your home. We understand that everything you put in your space needs to have a purpose, so we designed our candles in the same way: purposefully.