Essential Candle Care

When you purchase a candle as luxurious as one from St. Brown & Co., you want to make sure you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Our candles are designed to fill the room with a delicious scent that you can sink into, and we want to make sure you can do that time and time again throughout the life of your candle. That’s why we’ve created this guide with tips and tricks on how to keep your candle burning like new.  There are 3 essential candle care tips:

1. Allow the first wax layer to completely liquify

First thing’s first: the first burn. We know it’s tempting to light your candle as soon as you receive it, if even just for a few seconds so you can smell all its delicious glory but…please wait to light your candle until you have an hour or two to relax and enjoy it. This is because the first layer of wax needs time to completely liquify on its first burn in order to prevent tunneling. Tunneling happens when the entire layer of wax hasn’t liquified before the candle is snuffed out and it results in uneven wax in the vessel, meaning you aren’t getting the full use out of your candle and may even shorten its lifespan. Allowing the wax layer to completely liquify on the first burn (and each subsequent burn) keeps your candle looking clean, even, and makes your candle last longer.

 One of our wooden wick candles with its first wax layer nearly completely liquified

2. Trim your wicks after each burn

Another tip to keep your candle poised and proper is to trim the wick to ¼ inch after each burn (yes, even the wooden wicks!). Trimming the wick prevents the flame from growing too large and getting too hot. It also prevents the unappealing black smoke and soot that can develop from leaving a wick too long or letting a wick “mushroom.” If you ever find yourself noticing your candle’s flame flickering far above its vessel, it’s a sign you need to trim that wick!

 Our Lemon Verbena + Thyme candle with our wick trimmer above it, having just trimmed the wick

3. Snuff your candles instead of blowing them out

When it comes time to put your candle out, do not blow out your candle. Blowing out your candle is dangerous and poor candle care. It can result in hot wax being blown outside of the vessel and landing on other surfaces, including you. We strongly encourage the use of a candle snuffer to snuff out your candle’s flame. The candle snuffer, while being classy and luxurious, is the best way to extinguish your candle when you are finished with it for the day. By placing the snuffer over the candle’s wick, it restricts the oxygen the flame receives, thus “snuffing” it out and leaving the wax untouched.

 Our Driftwood + Juniper candle sits on a mantle with our candle snuffer hovering above the flame, getting ready to snuff it out

Many of us use candles as part of our daily rituals: getting ready for work, sitting down to read, or soaking in the bath. Candle care should be incorporated into these daily rituals in order to preserve our candles and the routines for which we use them. Just like any other product, you want to make sure you practice proper care so you can prolong its use and in turn, prolong your enjoyment of it. Candles are no different!