The Perfect Match: A Candle for Everyone in Your Life

Candles are no longer considered the antiquated and impersonal gift of the past. Instead, they are recognized as works of art—balancing the scent profile to wax ratio, matching the vessel with the vibe of the candle, and pairing it with the perfect décor…or person. Picking out a candle is now the ultimate way to show that you know the person to whom you are giving it. We know that doesn’t make choosing the appropriate candle any easier, so we’ve created this shortlist to help guide you along.

For your mom 

Our Rosewater and Hibiscus candle in a clear vessel with roses pouring out of it

It’s time you give your mom the luxury she deserves. That’s why our Rosewater + Hibiscus candle is the one for her. With fresh and light floral notes, it will be as though she has an eternal bouquet of fragrant flowers wherever she burns the candle. Bonus points if you gift her this candle and a bouquet of flowers!

For your dad

Our Coastal Redwood and Mandarin candle sits in front of a pile of aspen logs

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for. They always seem to just buy themselves anything they could ever want, are we right? Luckily, we have something they need: our Coastal Redwood + Mandarin fall candle. With base notes of amber, musk, and sandalwood, this candle is the perfect companion to your dad’s workshop, man cave, office…whatever it may be. Oh, and the crackly wooden wick creates just the right amount of ambiance.

For your wife

Our Lemon Verbena and Thyme candle is being held by a pair of hands with perfectly manicured nails

The light of your life deserves a candle that shows it. Our Lemon Verbena + Thyme candle leads with a citrus scent hinted with florals that will remind her of the days you two would spend together in a summer love. The golden vessel shines like a hard-earned golden medal, perfect for the most priceless prize in your life.

For your husband

Our Driftwood and Juniper candle is laid on a white backdrop and has a small stack of driftwood next to it in a black bowl

Your partner in crime. The one who is always by your side. It’s time to get him something a little special that he would never think to get for himself. Our Driftwood + Juniper candle is a fan-favorite among our male demographics. It’s a classic, warm, and slightly smoky scent—perfect for your husband, whom we have no doubt also falls under that same description (wink, wink!).

For your sister

Our Mandarin and Resins candle is being held by a hand with pastel orange nails that match the amber iridescent vessel of the candle

Whether older or younger, we can guarantee your sister has been there for you when you needed her at least once in your life. Now it’s your turn to be there for her. What better way to show you care than with our Mandarin + Resins candle? This candle rejuvenates and eases tension, while the wooden wick comforts with each crackle. It’s the perfect pick-me-up gift your sister needs.

For your brother

Our Egyptian Linen and Lavender Buds candle rests on a white backdrop and has real lavender pouring out of it

For the brother who isn’t quite sure of what he needs, our Egyptian Linen + Lavender Buds candle is the answer. This candle immediately transforms any space into one of pure tranquil bliss. For the brothers who need peace among the chaos or cleanliness among the mess—this is for them.

For your best friend

Our Pumpkin and Persimmon candle is being held by a woman whose face is illuminated by the glow of the candle's wooden wick

You know how good it feels to hug your best friend after a long time apart? Our Pumpkin + Persimmon candle is the candle-version of that. It’s pumpkin and vanilla notes, with its crackling wooden wick, will wrap your friend in a warm embrace that will remind her of you every time she lights it.

For your coworker

One of our 5 ounce tins rests on a white backdrop

Coworkers are an essential part of your daily life. One of our 5oz tins is a perfect way to show appreciation to someone you work with, side-by-side. With a variety of scents ranging from floral to musky, these tins are just a small way to show your coworker you’re thinking of them.

For your boss

Our Coffee Bean and Cacao candle is set atop a wooden board with chocolate shavings next to it and a glass mug of coffee and marshmallows in the background

Is there anything more boss-esque than the smell of coffee in the morning? Our Coffee Bean + Cacao candle was made for this reason. The smell of coffee has been shown to increase productivity, and thus, this particular candle is the most respectable to give your boss. Think of it as a way of paying homage to all of his or her hard work in being a leader.

Lastly, don’t forget about the most important person of all: you. We personally think you deserve each candle on this list, but that’s for you to decide.

Whether you’re looking for a personal gift for your closest family member or your distant co-worker, we’ve got something for each of them that will leave them feeling flattered that you know them so well. Whatever the occasion may be, give them the gift of luxury, elevation, and timelessness with one of our St. Brown & Co. candles.