What Makes St. Brown & Co. Different

My recent interview with Disrupt Digital:

What inspired you to start St. Brown & Co.?

I was inspired to start St. Brown & Co. in part by the desire to have my own brand, and in part by divine intervention when the idea for candles popped into my head on October 24, 2020. I had an idea of the brand I wanted to create for quite some time—I knew I wanted to create a classic, timeless, luxurious business with black and white branding. It wasn’t until October 24, 2020 that I discovered that brand would be a candle business.

The name St. Brown & Co. was inspired by St. John Knits and Tiffany & Co., two luxury American heritage brands that I really admire. The intricate construction of a St. John knit jacket and design of Tiffany jewelry is truly unparalleled, and I wanted to include aspects of those brands into my own brand name.

How does your company differentiate from the competition?

St. Brown & Co. is about so much more than candles. It’s a feeling of luxury—an elevated experience brought about through chic design, intoxicating fragrance, and charming sound with our wooden wick candles. St. Brown & Co. is the ultimate treat yourself experience, or elite gift for someone special.

We consciously hand pour all of our candles using a vegan coconut apricot wax and non-toxic fragrance oils. All of our candles are paraben free and phthalate free.

It looks like you have a really creative social media page. How do you get inspired to create content?

Thank you! For our editorial content, we collaborate with The Social Agenda and Paige Creative for all of our photoshoots. I always come up with the theme for the shoots myself, then I communicate my idea with The Social Agenda, and they style the shoot and coordinate models while Paige Creative works her photography magic.

My Marketing Assistant, Hannah Pena, is the creative behind our Instagram captions and all of our Reels. We’ll get together to have creative brainstorms to discuss the direction of the brand and certain campaigns we’re focusing on in a given season.

Oftentimes, our creative content is inspired by our goals for the season, then we work backwards and get as micro as possible to create a story for brand.

What is your piece of advice for others looking to jump all in with their own company?

Take action as fast as possible. That’s what I did when I launched St. Brown & Co. and that’s what I continue to do whenever I feel myself slowing down or in a rut. By taking fast action, I never gave myself time to overthink and talk myself out of whatever I was doing. There’s always time to pivot later as you continue with your business.