Candles By Location: San Francisco

Familiar to Full House fans, San Francisco is the location to visit when in Northern California. The hub for cultural attraction, good eats, diverse communities, and architectural views, San Francisco has much to offer. Being right near the coastline, San Francisco is oftentimes covered in a cooling fog, adding character to the Golden City. Northern California is characterized by its scenic nature views and coastal breeze, reminding us of our Coastal Redwood + Mandarin candle. With notes of sandalwood and musk, it reminds us of the Pacific Ocean breeze blowing on our faces as we walk on the Golden Gate Bridge. Inspired by this aroma, here are just a few of the spots we love in SF. 


A trip to SF would not be complete without visiting the waterfront Fisherman’s Wharf. Try spectacular fresh seafood options, with numerous great eats throughout the pier. We recommend Scoma’s Restaurant for a classy seafood dining experience, and make sure to try their three course menu. Just a quick stroll down the waterfront, enjoy Pier 39, for other attractions such as amusement park rides, boat rides to Alcatraz or Angel Island, or the San Francisco carousel. With street performers and live performances throughout the piers, this area of SF is constantly filled with people and high spirits. Whenever we smell our Coastal Redwood + Mandarin, it reminds us of the effervescent energy of Fisherman’s Wharf. 


Union Square is a central part of San Francisco filled with shopping, dining, and exploring opportunities. A collection of high end shopping, fancy hotels, fine dining, and art galleries are scattered throughout the square, giving a metropolitan feel to the city. Live events and entertainment are always happening in Union Square, with ample opportunities to watch a show or performance. During the holiday season, Union Square is known for its huge Christmas tree display, as the streets are decked out in holiday spirit. The sparkling environment of Union Square strikes similarities with the glossy copper vessel of our Coastal Redwood + Mandarin candle. 


The perfect photo opportunity, the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is an iconic landmark to see due to its visually aesthetic architecture and scenery. You’ll often see wedding photo shoots or different kinds of private events being held here due to how visually beautiful it is. This extravagant structure surrounded by a serene pond, is the perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy the blissful environment. Close by the palace is the Presido, a national park that provides a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge. 


For the ultimate bird’s eye view of the city, take a hike or drive up Twin Peaks. At the top, you can see several San Francisco landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and iconic skyscrapers. Both the day and night provide amazing views, and we recommend getting a chance to see both. Enjoy the fresh air as you take in the amazing view of SF. The coastal scent from our Coastal Redwood + Mandarin candle, will capture and mirror the freshness of Twin Peaks. 

San Francisco is a spot recognized across popular shows and movies, and is characterized by its unique natural beauty and endless attractions. Next time you light your Coastal Redwood +Mandarin, imagine immersing yourself in the great city of San Francisco.