How to Assess Candles

My mother has always raised me on the belief that one’s home is a reflection of one’s personal taste, style, and being. Moving into my own apartment, I have incorporated this doctrine into my living space. Whether it is the overall visual aesthetic of my personal space, the different materials, and textures I incorporate, or the meticulous placement of my numerous throw pillows, I am a firm believer in the comfort of living in a space that matches my personal style. In particular, one thing that has been a customizable and fun addition to my apartment has been the selection of candles. Candles bring a sense of comfort and warmth to any space as it welcomes guests through olfactory means. Despite the fact that candles are mainly associated with smell, the human senses of sight, touch, and sound are also key factors that go into the selection of choosing the best candle for your personal space. 


The thought process of figuring out what outfit to wear, the same can be applied to picking the right candle. Whether I want to opt for leather pants or jeans, or a red or black top, there are various factors that go into the visual aesthetic of a candle. First, comes to the kind of vessel. From a wide range of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, candles come in such an eclectic range that can be made personable for every individual. Whether you opt for a matte or iridescent, or gold or black, tall or wide, candles make a great personable addition to any space. I personally love St. Brown & Co.’s Egyptian Linen + Lavender Bud’s matte white color and sleek cylindrical shape, as it complements the overall minimalist aesthetic of my space, adding a clean finish to my room. My housemate, on the other hand, loves St. Brown & Co.’s Lemon Verbena & Thyme’s shiny gold aesthetic, as it complements the gold and white theme of her workspace. Candles are a great addition to any room as it serves as a personable accessory to liven up a space. 



A huge aspect that goes into selecting the perfect candle, is the smell. Candles range in a variety of categories of scents whether it is floral, citrus, masculine, sweet, or clean; every person has a scent they often gravitate towards. When purchasing a candle, you often see a description of a candle’s top, middle, and base notes, but what exactly does this mean? The top notes of a candle, shape the first initial impression of the candle. These top notes are the first to evaporate and are often more of a light scent, as it later transitions to deeper scents towards the middle and the base notes. Middle notes of a candle are considered the heart of the candle’s scent and serve as a follow-up scent after the light top notes. Finally, base notes are the sweet-ending of the candle, as it finishes the overall experience and leaves that lasting impression. 



Interestingly enough, sound also plays a vital role in selecting the perfect candle. Wicks are an essential characteristic of a candle, and just as there are a variety of shapes and sizes of vessels or different scents of a candle, there are different materials and types of wicks that provide different experiences. From twisted to braided, to flat or square, there are a variety of textures and materials of wicks. In particular, wooden wicks have grown to the limelight. Not only for the overall visual aesthetic of a wooden wick but for the sound produced by a wooden wick. Much of how a fire crackles in a fireplace, that similar sound is replicated by a wooden wick. It is comforting to listen to the wooden wick crackle, as it brings the nostalgia of cozying up next to the fireplace with friends and family. 

From sight to sound, there are various factors that go into selecting the perfect candle. Candles are a perfect accessory to any living space and have a great range of expression for every individual’s personal style and taste.