Gift Guide Pairings: Egyptian Linen + Lavender Buds

Sure, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but have you ever given lavender to a stressed-out someone? You’ll become their new favorite person; we promise. Lavender has been shown to reduce anxiety, stress, and just overall help to relax a person. That’s why this gift guide pairing for our Egyptian Linen + Lavender Buds candle is all about taking a pause and designed to help the recipient make time for some deep breaths.

Our Egyptian Linen and Lavender Buds candle is laid against a white background with lavender sprigsSpeaking of deep breaths, why not accompany our fresh-scented candle with some fresh florals? The Petal Bar Temecula is owned by florist Brandi Nicole, who specializes in creating masterpieces of floral scales. For residents local to Temecula and the surrounding area, the Flower Therapy Subscription is perhaps the most thoughtful and beautiful gift you could accompany with our candle. First, you’ll pick a design between 10-45 stems from The Petal Bar’s selection of bouquets and arrangements and then you’ll pick whether you want the florals to be delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly! It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving and constantly refreshes the gift recipient’s space, wherever they decide to showcase their blooms.

A hand juts out from the side of the picture and is holding a bouquet of flowers

If you want to remind your gift recipient of their roots, Everly Made’s Birth Flower Bead Bracelet is the best pairing with our Egyptian Linen + Lavender Buds candle. A sweet and delicate flower charm combined with the stretch bead bracelet serves as a reminder to the recipient that though they may be dainty and beautiful, they are still flexible and strong, able to overcome a multitude of challenges. With birth flower options for each month, spanning flowers like carnations to holly, you can choose the charm that truly matches the personality of whoever you’re giving the bracelet to. It also accents the floral notes in our candle perfectly, making this combination a truly unmatched pairing.

An up-close picture of a wrist wearing a gold beaded bracelet with a small circle charm that has a flower imprinted on it

For the person in your life who may need a little extra relaxation, this heat wrap by Sonoma Lavender is sure to do the trick. The wrap is filled with a removable flaxseed and lavender insert, which emits an extra aroma of lavender, especially when heated. The wrap can be microwaved or placed in the dryer to be heated or set in the freezer to be chilled, making it able to comfort someone no matter what the ailment or concern. Pair this with our Egyptian Linen + Lavender Buds candle and the only thing missing is a proper shoulder massage (which, if you’ve got good hands, you can always throw that in there yourself!).

A purple soft fabric wrap with a purple bow tied around it

Perhaps the best thing about our Egyptian Linen + Lavender Buds candle is its adaptability: it can invigorate or relax under the right circumstances, but always encourages deep breaths. We’ve chosen the gifts above purposefully to pay homage to this fact: a flower subscription for extra reasons to take deep breaths; a golden flower bracelet to reignite the faith in oneself; and a lavender heat wrap that can be warmed or chilled to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Whatever direction you take in this gift pairing, we know you and your gift recipient won’t be disappointed!