Gift Guide Pairings: Rosewater + Hibiscus

Ah, we’ve reached the last candle in our original collection. You know that means: time to finish strong and end our original collection gift guides with our most luxurious pairings yet. The candle that’s up for the challenge? Our founder’s favorite—Rosewater + Hibiscus.

Our founder inhales the scent of our Rosewater and Hibiscus candle

With floral notes such as rosewater, jasmine petals, and aqua lotus, we understand why you’d think this candle is relegated for spring and spring only. But keep reading and we’ll show you what to pair this candle with to make it perfect all year long, even during the holidays.

We know that if you’re giving the gift of our Rosewater + Hibiscus candle during the holidays, chances are it’s likely a bit chilly out. That’s why pairing our candle with this ASTR Lorain Cardigan from Laurenly instantly transforms it into the perfect sweater-weather vibe. To complete the whole ensemble, we highly recommend these Good Waist Crop Side Slit jeans from Good American. These jeans are flattering, stretchy, comfortable, and stylish, above all else. We can testify first-hand to the quality of these jeans because our founder basically lives in them.

For the skin-conscious guru, our Rosewater + Hibiscus candle must be paired with the Hot Mess Ice Roller from The Skinny Confidential (and yes, we said must). Not only does rolling your skin help increase blood flow, but rolling it with an ice roller is a form of cold therapy that helps to tighten and de-puff your skin. Our founder again can vouch for this product, as she uses it daily as part of her skin regime—which is why you need to gift it to the special people in your life: so that they too can have ultimate boss energy.

If your beauty-obsessed gift recipient also wants to get a little crafty, you can pair our candle with this Lushed Lather Soap Kit from The Wooden Wick Co. This soap kit requires no experience and teaches how to make Rosewater + Hibiscus soaps with delicate rose petals.This candle and soap pairing is perfect for a spa-night in, soaking in a warm bath under candle-light, while the snow falls outside the window…sorry, we got a little carried away there. We all know it doesn’t snow in Southern California, but this gift pairing will make you wish it did. You can also use code STBROWN10 for 10% off!

You know what that last scene was missing? A bottle…we mean glass…of wine (winc winc). Good thing a subscription box to Winc will make sure your gift recipient never has to take a bath empty-handed ever again. To get started on the perfect box, go through their quick and easy quiz about wine preferences, flavor profiles, and favorite foods, and Winc will curate a box of 4 bottles just for your gift recipient (or for you!). Your gift recipient can rate the wines they receive and even get a bottle replaced if they absolutely hate it. The more wines they rate, the more Winc will get to know the perfect bottles for them. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If you really want to go all-out, each item in this guide also pairs perfectly with one another…so why not gift them all? Whoever is worthy enough to receive a gift from you deserves a big one, because we know you don’t waste your energy on negative people (at least, you shouldn’t!). While you’re at it, you should go ahead and treat yourself to one of these pairings too. It’s been a rough year and we could all use some TLC (tender loving candles).