Gift Guide Pairings: Mandarin + Resins

We hope you’re as much of an avid fan of coordinating gifts as we are, because the pairings we’ve selected for our Mandarin + Resins candle are simply superior. Our Mandarin + Resins candle has top notes of mandarin and is housed in our iridescent clay vessel, meaning all our gift pairings today will harken back to those two characteristics for ultimate coordination. As always, you’re welcome to go off on your own in search of the perfect pairing, but why give yourself more work when someone else (us) has already done the work for you?

Without further ado, let’s give you what you came here for.

First up is for the fashionista in your life. You know who we’re talking about: the one who must stay on top of trends and never dares to go on a grocery run in sweatpants (*shudders*). For her, you’ll want to gift her our Mandarin + Resins candle accompanied by this classic-but-with-a-twist Tied To You Mini Shirt Dress by Kim & Cloth. This dress has sleek lines flattering for everyone, with fun and unique keyhole ties on either side. It’s the perfect transition into cooler weather and a color that adds vibrancy to any day, just like our candle. It’s almost like they were meant for each other.

A model wear a rust orange dress that is hits mid-thigh. The dress has long sleeves and small cut-out keyholes on either side.

If a dress isn’t enough, or just isn’t your gift recipient’s style, don’t fret: we’ve still got the fashionista covered. This Alexa Crown Top Boater hat in Copper from The Modern Cactus Co. is an accessory ubiquitous to any style guru’s closet. Ethically made in Mexico with vegan suede, this hat is not only a fashion statement, but a positive moral statement as well, making it a gift both you and the recipient can feel good about. The copper color is fitting for all seasons and can easily be dressed up or dressed down, making it an essential and diverse accessory for anyone aspiring to always look put together.

A model wears a copper boater-style hat that is suede

For the foodie in your life, these Gourmet Premium Chocolate Dipped Orange Slices by Compartés are a must-have. These little slices of heaven are handmade in Los Angeles using the artisan chocolate company’s traditional recipe they’ve used since 1950. The rich, smooth chocolate paired with the tangy citrus of orange is a dichotomy reminiscent of our Mandarin + Resins candle, both to be appreciated by those with an elevated palette. Don’t want the whole slice? They have a box full of just the chocolate-covered orange peels to suit your fancy.

The picture displays two gift boxes, one with orange slices half dipped in chocolate and the other with orange peels half dipped in chocolate.

If you really want a gift to impress, we also recommend pairing our candle with a bottle of Cointreau Noir. A twist on the typical orange liqueur, Cointreau Noir is a blend of the classic Cointreau orange liqueur with Remy Martin, the world’s finest cognac. This marriage of citrus and velvet richness is perfect for those who are accustomed to an upscale happy hour each evening. Pair this liqueur with our Mandarin + Resins candle and the aforementioned chocolate-dipped orange slices for the ultimate gift suitable of a luxury lifestyle.

Image displays a bottle of Cointreau Noir

As you know, we like to elevate every moment here at St. Brown & Co., so we create these gift pairing guides to help you do the same…with just a little extra “je ne sais quoi.” Each pairing is genuinely an item we would buy for ourselves, and we love luxury, so we wouldn’t dare present you with anything less.