Candles by Location: Seattle

A location familiar to Grey’s Anatomy fans, Seattle is a growing, industrial and commercial city known for its music culture, coffee, and other monumental sites. Thinking about Seattle reminds us of the smell of coffee, and cuddling under layers in the cold weather. Seattle in fact is the birthplace of Starbucks, hence the significance of coffee culture in this city. With that in mind, the aroma of Coffee Bean + Cacao, with notes of coffee, brown sugar, and caramel, is guaranteed to fill you with feelings of coziness and the sweet blend of coffee, sending us back to the Emerald City. Inspired by this aroma, here are some spots that we love to visit in Seattle. 


Standing at 650 ft tall high, Seattle’s iconic Space Needle is a must see site to visit. It features an observation deck where visitors can overlook Downtown Seattle and other natural beauties Seattle has to offer. The Space Needle also includes the Loupe Lounge, a revolving glass floor dine-in experience, for a classy cocktail night out. Enjoy a culinary experience as you are overlooking the skyline of Seattle. The classy design of the lounge, reminds us of the sleek matte vessel of our Coffee Bean + Cacao candle. 


Considered to be one of the most famous farmers’ markets in the United States, Seattle’s fishmonger Pike Place is most definitely worth a visit. Overlooking a waterfront, Pike Place has a special charm that really brings together the downtown aspect of Seattle. Filled with a diverse range in stores, from antique shops to small owned restaurants, there is something for everyone at this market. Especially for the foodies, there are numerous spots to hit in Pike Place. We love a good bowl of clam chowder from Pike Place Chowder (@pikeplchowder), or a good sweet or savory crumpet from The Crumpet Shop (@thecrumpetshop_). 


If you’re a caffeine addict like us, Seattle is in fact the spot to be for coffee. The founding location for Starbucks, Seattle is home to numerous coffee shops. Just a few recommended coffee spots to visit in Seattle include (but are not limited to): Fonté (@fontecoffee), Monorail Espresso (@monorailespresso), La Marzocco Cafe & Showroom (@lamarzococafe), and Ghost Note (@ghostnotecafe). A fun activity with friends is to go on a taste test of different coffee spots around Seattle! Our Coffee Bean +Cacao smells like a warm, vanilla latte, and where else to get a cup of joe than from the birthplace of Starbucks. 


As a day activity, take the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. Just a quick ride away, with a gorgeous view of the port along with it, there are numerous things to do on the island. Explore the charming town of Winslow, enjoy an Italian dinner at Bruciato or a wine tasting with friends at Fletcher Bay, and finish it with a sweet treat at Mora Ice Cream. The island also includes the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, displaying artworks from local artists. Bainbridge is filled with such creativity, reminding us of the creative energy the smell of coffee provides in our Coffee Bean + Cacao candle. 

Seattle is filled with an energizing allure with numerous hidden gems to find and explore. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a relaxing browse through shops, Seattle is filled with its own unique charm. On your next trip to Seattle, tag us (@stbrownco) in spots around Seattle that remind you of our Coffee Bean + Cacao candle.