How To Decorate Dining Table With Candles

The dining table oftentimes can be used for different purposes. Whether it’s for social gatherings or a study space, we find ourselves using the same space for different reasons. We have been loving using candles as a transitional action to set the mood for different situations.

Utilizing different candles as a way to transition between different occasions helps distinguish the occasion and provides a different environment, despite being in the same space. Here are some ways we use the dining space, and candle ideas for the dinner table we recommend to use as a transition between these different occasions. 

4 Candle Ideas For The Dinner Table


It’s the start of the day before you head out to work, and you’re up and ready to make some fuel for the mind and soul or maybe you’re coming back from work and ready to make some lunch for yourself. It’s nice to have a moment in your day to yourself to enjoy a meal at home. With the right environment, you can create a mindful and serene table for one.

Clean any clutter on the table up, and decorate it with a flower vase, or a cute centerpiece to fill the empty spaces! Play your favorite podcast or background music and allow yourself to unwind and enjoy your meal! To further enhance your dining experience, we recommend our Lemon Verbena + Thyme, for a fresh, clean scent perfect to eat with! 


After your meal, it’s time to get to business. Clean your dishes and allow your table space to be clutter-free for your work items. Gather all the materials you may need to study or work with, for example, pens, paper, laptop, chargers, paperclips, etc. Bring a glass of water or a midday coffee as well to the table!

Consider your seating orientation, in case you might need to catch a Zoom meeting call, finding the ideal location for lighting, or background behind. To transition from an eating space to a workspace, we recommend our Driftwood + Juniper, perfect for creating a focus-inducing environment.


After working hard, invite some friends or family over for dinner together! Clear the dining table of your pens and paper, and have fun decorating your table for your guests. Find a cute table centerpiece, and place down placemats and dining utensils.

We have been loving the chic and modern placemats and dining sets from Mode Living, with a diverse range in colors and patterns. Also, feel free to add a pitcher of water or any beverage of choice to the table as well. To transition into a fun, social eating experience, we recommend our fan-favorite Mandarin + Resins candle, with notes of mandarin, orchid, and pink pepper. 


After enjoying a meal with friends or family at the table, we all want that time to mingle and chat about our days. Clear off your dining sets and utensils, and set the mood for a chill and upbeat environment perfect for socializing. Adjust the lighting, play some of your favorite music, and crack open the window for some fresh air.

If you want to create a fun, upbeat environment for a game night on the table, we recommend our Coffee Bean + Cacao, with notes of coffee and vanilla, perfect to energize any environment. However, if you want to use the table as a chill wine night with friends, we recommend our Rosewater + Hibiscus, with notes of rosewater and white woods, creating an atmospheric environment. 

The dining table can be used in numerous ways for different occasions, and candles are a great way to transition between these different scenes. Let us know if you tried any of our tips for your next gathering or work session through our Instagram (@stbrownco)!