The Girls Come First: How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Whether you’re cuffed up for Valentine’s Day or single and ready to mingle, you can’t forget about the real MVP’s: your girls. They’ve been there for you through all the ups and downs—it’s only right you put them first during the holiday that is rooted in love.

But amidst all the romantic gifts and date night ideas, where do the girls fit in?

Don’t worry, we’ve made space for them here.

GNI – Girls’ Night In

If you’re looking for a way to have all the fun of wine tasting without the hassle of shuttling around, booking a Virtual Wine Tasting with Samantha Capaldi is the perfect solution. Known as Samantha Sommelier on Instagram, Samantha has dominated the wine world with her approachability and focus on keeping wine fun. Her virtual wine tastings include a list of wines to acquire for the tasting, professionally designed wine tasting grids, wine tasting mats, a custom wine & food pairing guide, and a wine 101 guide. We’ll cheers to this being the best way to shake up a normal girls’ night!

Feeling Fondue in 2022

What is a Galentine’s Day without chocolate? Get creative with your dessert by melting some velvety chocolate in this Sur La Table Stainless Steel Fondue Set and coating your favorite fruits. It’s a fun way to mark the special occasion by doing something a little out of the box. Some tried and true fruits that famously pair well with chocolate include strawberries, apples, and raspberries.

Speaking of Raspberries…

You’ve got to set the Galentine’s Day mood right, and there’s no better way to do that than by burning our limited-edition Valentine’s Day candle, Prosecco + Pink Raspberries. With notes of raspberry, sparkling champagne, peach, and sugar, this candle is what every girl’s dreams are made of. It’s hot pink iridescent vessel and crackling wooden wick do more than just set the scene—they create the whole Valentine’s vibe.  

We know it’s easy to swoon with romanticism during this time of year, but we’re here to remind you of your Day Ones. The girls who have swept you off your feet after each heartbreak and stand by your side at the end of the alter. They’re the real reason you still believe in love, so be sure to show them some love back!