Moms: Start Your Christmas Shopping Here

We all know how stressful the holidays can be, but let’s be honest here: they are always the most stressful on moms. Moms bear the brunt of the responsibility for cooking, baking, hosting, and, of course: Christmas shopping. So to help make things a little easier on the person none of us can live without, we’ve compiled a shortlist of candles to get for each major person in a mom’s life.


For the woman who helped make your husband who he is today, we have something really special for her: our Spiced Pear + Whiskey candle. This candle is perfect for your mother-in-law because it’s sweet, distinctive, and classic, just like her. With notes of pear, iced raspberry, cinnamon, and vanilla bean, this candle is perfect for the holidays and into the New Year. The lustrous gold vessel is a timeless beauty and will remind her of how much she is appreciated every time she sees it.

Children’s Teacher

Another honest truth: we would be absolutely lost without our teachers. They watch your children nearly every day and help teach them the way the world works. That is no small feat! To show your children’s teacher the immense gratitude they deserve, we recommend our Peppermint + Cocoa Shavings candle. The rich, layered scent of this candle will encourage your children’s teacher to take a moment of time for themselves and maybe even sit down with a hot cup of cocoa. This candle is for all the kids at heart, and let’s face it, teachers definitely fall into that category!


Ah, yes, your significant other. Your better half. Your one true love. What kind of a gift could even suffice to express how much he means to you? Easy: our Driftwood + Juniper candle. Now, you may be thinking “It’s just a candle!” but it is far from it. We have it on good authority (aka customer reviews) that this candle in particular is routinely our customers’ husbands’ favorite. One customer even let us know her husband has completely stolen her Driftwood + Juniper candle to keep in his own office, lit at all times! We promise you, this is the candle to show your husband your appreciation and convert him to a St. Brown & Co. addict.

Husband’s Boss

While you may or may not have a direct relationship with your husband’s boss, he or she plays a significant role in your life regardless. It is because of this that you should probably get them a gift as well. Good thing we know just the candle to for this job! Our Frankincense + Myrrh candle is sure to please everyone, no matter what field of work. Its calming scents of cedarwood, frankincense, and myrrh blend easily into any environment to create a warm atmosphere that just feels good to be in. It’s the perfect way to say “thank you” to your husband’s boss for putting up with him more than you do (oops…did we say that out loud?).

Best Friend

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the best gift for your best friend. For carrying such a large responsibility as best friends do, we’d love to tell you to just gift our whole store to them, but we know that that isn’t necessarily always feasible. In that case, we have our 5oz tins to save the day. We have a tin for each of our Original Collection candles, meaning you can technically gift our whole store, just in a slightly smaller dose. Perfect for the best friend who supports you through thick and thin!

Moms: thank you for everything that you do. We hope that this list helps ease some of your concerns this holiday season and takes a bit of the pressure off of you for having to constantly think of the perfect gift. While we’re at it, don’t be afraid to get something for yourself too. You’re the most deserving one on this list!