Matching Your Enneagram

The Enneagram of Personality, or simply the Enneagram, is a model to describe different patterns in personality based on how individuals interpret the world and manage their emotions. The Enneagram puts these different personality categories on a nine-pointed diagram to illustrate how these different personalities relate to one another. Understanding what your enneagram is gives you a new perspective on how you operate under different circumstances and situations. The nine enneagrams are divided into three categories: heart, head, and body. Those with heart types react with their emotion first. Underneath the heart category is The Giver, The Achiever, and The Individualist. Those with head types react with analysis first. Underneath the head category is The Investigator, The Skeptic, and The Enthusiast. Finally, those with body types react with their gut feeling. Underneath the body category is The Challenger, The Peacemaker, and The Perfectionist. For a fun twist, we’ve complemented each enneagram with a compatible candle pairing! 

Not sure what your enneagram is? Click HERE to take a quiz to find out your enneagram number. 


Ones like to do their tasks correctly and to a high standard. They are often characterized as straightforward, hardworking, diligent, and have an intense ability to focus. Oftentimes, Type 1s are overworked, so it’s important if you are a Type 1 to take the time to relax. We recommend our hardworking Type 1s our Egyptian Linen + Lavender Buds, perfect to create a calming environment. 


Twos are nurturing, helpful, and caring individuals. They are characterized as being approachable, caring, gentle, and great team players. As growth tips for those who are Twos, it’s important to practice mindfulness and practice self-love. We recommend our Givers our Mandarin + Resins to match that sweet, gentle personality.


Threes are known for being ambitious, confident, and goal-oriented. They are typically characterized as being extremely busy and on the go always, charismatic, and usually have jam-packed schedules. Growth tips for Threes would be to embrace vulnerability and slow down. We recommend our Driftwood + Juniper, a calming scent perfect for working for our Achievers. 


Fours pride themselves on their creativity and present a unique, distinct persona around others. They are characterized as being quirky, self-expressive, and with a strong sense of individuality. A Type 4’s goal in life is typically to accurately present their true selves to the world. Growth tips for individualists would be to practice positive affirmations and be open to hearing constructive criticism. We recommend our Spiced Pear + Whisky, as it has a unique blend of aromas fitting for the individualists. 


Fives are focused on knowledge and enjoy learning more about the world and deepening their perspective on it. Investigators are typically characterized by their in-depth knowledge of different subjects and thinking before they act. They often times spend some time alone working on personal projects or research. Growth tips for Fives would be to be open to asking for help and further explore your emotions. We recommend our Lemon Verbena + Thyme, to help invigorate a fresh environment for research, as well as provide a clean fresh scent to your space.


Sixes are alert and always thinking a couple of steps ahead into the future. They anticipate risk and are characterized as being great team players, organized, and being clear communicators. Sixes are always willing to be supportive, as they seek security within others. Growth tips for skeptics would be to develop habits to release anxiety, as well as find more security within yourself. We recommend our Frankincense + Myrrh, perfect for relaxation and warmth. 


Sevens are busy people who seek to have fun and love being active. They are characterized as being high energy, high enthusiasm, and always on the go! They approach situations with eagerness and an open mind. As some growth tips for the enthusiasts focus on taking it slow. Also, be willing to go deep and go below the surface in your conversations. We recommend our Rosewater + Hibiscus, to match that same bright and light personality of enthusiasts. 


Eights are characterized as being intimidating and confident. They often aren’t shy to stand up for what they believe in, as well as be independent, energetic, and headstrong. They present themselves with lots of strength and pride themselves in their capabilities. Growth tips for Eights would be to allow yourself to be vulnerable. And give yourself the time to self-reflect and check in on yourself. We recommend our Coffee Bean + Cacao, with hints of coffee complementing the same energetic energy of our challengers. 


Nines tend to avoid conflict and are characterized by their want to maintain inner peace. They are typically calm and easy to be around. They often times are cool and collected, as well as being very mellow and soothing. They are also cooperative in group settings, and an active listener. Growth tips for peacemakers would be to not be scared to be assertive as well as pay attention to what you want and need. We recommend our Coastal Redwood + Mandarin, with a scent similar to that of the fresh, free-flowing outdoors. 

We would love to hear back from you on what your enneagram is as well as if you incorporated any of the growth tips! Feel free to reach out to us on our Instagram (@stbrownco).