Hand in Hand: Fall Candle + Décor Essentials

As the season changes, so do the candles you keep on hand and the décor you keep around the house. The ubiquitous pumpkins of fall make an appearance and the main focus of each day seems to be how to get as cozy as possible. But you can’t just throw a fall candle on the table and call that decorating for fall. There needs to be a bit more intrigue. Each candle needs an accent piece, something to highlight the scent and draw your guests into the home you work so hard for.

Need some help with ideas? You came to the right place. Here are some fall décor ideas that accent our candles especially well during the season!


 Our Pumpkin and Persimmon candle is placed next to an all-black skullOur 5 ounce candle tins are stacked on top of each other and placed next to a skull with black designs on it

While skulls are typically a Halloween-only affair, when decorated sparingly and carefully, skulls can serve as a statement piece with your candle all season long. We recommend coupling our Pumpkin + Persimmon candle with an elegant skull, as it provides an unexpected twist and departure from the usual pumpkin-on-pumpkin décor. Our entire line-up of 5oz candle tins also pair hauntingly well next to a skull, with the matte-black tins accenting the shadows in the details of the skull.

Wooden Accents + Fur Blankets

 Our Coffee Bean and Cacao candle is sitting on top of a wood board with a white fur blanket surrounding it

We love a warm, earthy, yet glamorous feel to a room. This is what wooden accents and fur blankets can provide. We recommend this combo for our Coffee Bean + Cacao candle. The wooden board harkens to the outside weather and crackly wooden wick of the candle, while the fur blanket elevates the room and alludes to the coziness of a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Mixing textures is a great way to create intrigue and interest in your fall décor and spice up your typical autumn routine.

White Pumpkins

 Our Coastal Redwood and Mandarin candle is placed between two white pumpkins

We would be remiss if we did not include pumpkins in our fall décor list. After all, it is what comes to mind first for most people when they think of fall. However, we like to put our own St. Brown & Co. twist on this and swap the typical bright orange jack-o-lantern feel for a more refined and understated vibe. You can do this by using neutral colors, like white pumpkins, to accent the usual bright fall colors. We suggest pairing our Coastal Redwood + Mandarin candle with white pumpkins for the ultimate elevated, yet subtle fall décor. The lustrous copper vessel of this candle reflects the white of the pumpkins for a glamorous look, without being gaudy. It creates a timeless fall statement piece for any room.  

Above all else, holiday décor is a way to express yourself in every corner of your space. So, whether you like to be a little spooky, a little cozy, or a little glamorous, we’ve got you covered. And if you like to be all three? Well, no one is stopping you from combining all of our little tricks and treats into one showstopper of a fall décor piece.