Gift Guide Pairings: Driftwood + Juniper

If you’re stuck in a rut for holiday shopping this year, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be introducing a gift guide pairing for each of our candles so that you can curate your very own special gift set for that very special someone.

It seems only appropriate that our first installment of this series begin with the first candle our founder poured: our Driftwood + Juniper candle. With top notes of driftwood, middle notes of juniper, and base notes of vanilla and tobacco, this candle is the chameleon of candles, perfect for men and women alike. Thus, we wanted to make sure our gift guide for this candle contains multiple different options suitable for all.

For the jewelry fanatic in your life, a delicate, coastal necklace, inspired by the ocean, is a perfect match for our Driftwood + Juniper candle. Mina de Mar is a woman-owned business that specializes in intricate, dainty, and beautiful jewelry pieces inspired by a deep love and appreciation for the ocean. Each piece is meticulously handmade by the artisan-owner. While any piece of her jewelry would pair well with our candle, we picked out the Mini Starfish and White Pearl double necklace as a particularly perfect match. Filled and plated with real gold and a true fresh-water white pearl, this necklace is simple, yet stunning. It complements our Driftwood + Juniper candle with the ultimate coastal vibes, leaving the lucky recipient of both items to daydream about a day on the beach.

Want to give a little slice of the beach to your special someone for their home? Our Driftwood + Juniper candle can get them started, but this Driftwood Chain from Pottery Barn will take it to the next level. Made of real fragments of driftwood, this decorative table piece features driftwood shaped into bold links and intertwined to form a chain. It’s a statement piece surely not to be missed and only to be accented by the most suitable surroundings: our Driftwood + Juniper candle. The matte black of our candle vessel will transform the rustic charm of the Driftwood Chain into a sleek, coastal dream reminiscent of a maritime sunset. We also recommend pairing this with the Octavia Marble Serving Board from Crate & Barrel to soften the driftwood, create intrigue with multiple textures, and contrast the matte black of our Driftwood + Juniper candle vessel.

Now if only the person to whom your giving our candle had a special cocktail to share with you as a thank you...Well, maybe you can give them that too. The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is a specially layered and complex gin, made with 22 botanicals local to the Islay & Islands area of Scotland. Since juniper is a prominent botanical in gin, it pairs well with our Driftwood + Juniper candle, to highlight the earthy and herbal tones of the candle. The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is particularly suited for a classic gin and tonic, a cocktail as timeless as our candles. A Driftwood + Juniper candle with a bottle of The Botanist is the perfect house-warming gift or a gift to tell someone they deserve to truly treat themselves.

Whatever the occasion is for gifting, and whoever the gift recipient is, our Driftwood + Juniper candle is capable of pleasing them all. Of course, our candle alone is a gift enough as it is, but going the extra mile for someone is always rewarding, and assembling a custom gift set is a special way to show it. A good foundation is the key to building a successful gift set and our Driftwood + Juniper candle is here to provide that.